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How To Keep Your Nets In Good Condition

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How To Keep Your Nets In Good Condition

Spare a thought for poor old nets…

They can take a right beating sometimes.

Whether it’s a builder flinging broken bricks into a coarse net on site, a cricketer smashing sixes into a practice net or a fisherman submerging a fishing net over and over into the freezing North Sea – the wear and tear soon adds up.

Thankfully, all the nets we provide our clients with here at Renco Nets are all of the highest quality and are built to be hardwearing and long lasting.

Even so, to make sure you get the most out of every net we provide you with, there are some things you can do to help extend their life.

Simple soap and bleach

When it comes to cleaning most nets, a simple soapy water mix will usually do the trick.

Soak them for a while and rub down as much as you’re able.

Obviously the larger the net, the more difficult it will be to manipulate. It might be easier to hose it down and scrub it with a clean sweeping brush.

For harder wearing nets that are particularly dirty, adding a little bleach to the soapy water mix will help loosen the tougher dirt and provide a deeper clean.

However, if you do use even a small amount of bleach, make sure you thoroughly rinse the net afterwards with cold water until you’re confident all the bleach has been washed off.

Drying out your nets is key

The most important thing you can do when it comes to looking after any net is to make sure you dry it thoroughly after any long periods of contact with water.

Extend the net to its full size and let the sun and wind do their work.

If you are stowing nets away – say a football net, or a fishing net perhaps – make sure they are completely dry before you do.

When the time comes

Of course, eventually, no matter what you do to keep your nets in tip-top condition, they’re going to wear a step too far at some point and might no longer be fit for purpose.

When you do find any of your nets have lost their integrity, don’t worry. Just get in touch with us here at Renco Nets and we’ll help you replace them with strong and sturdy new ones.

We can craft almost any shape or size of net so just let us know the dimensions of the net that’s been forced into retirement and we can arrange to weave you a new one.

You can contact us direct on 01469 575804 to discuss your netting needs. And be sure not to wait until it’s too late and your current nets are worn away!

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