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Strange Ways Our Netting Has Been Used That May Surprise You

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Strange Ways Our Netting Has Been Used That May Surprise You

When people think of uses for netting and rope, the same few things tend to come to mind…

Fishing nets. Nets for sports like football and cricket. At a push, maybe you might think of some agricultural uses, such as netting to protect crops.

But the truth is:

There are so many more ways our netting and ropes can be put to good use. Some might surprise you.

From Immingham to Winterfell

For example, in the past we’ve been asked to provide nets for garden features…

One time we produced a net that was used as part of a rope bridge across a water feature in a garden designed by the famous Alan Titchmarsh.

And on another occasion, our nets were featured in designs featured on George Clarke’s popular programme, Amazing Spaces.

Whatever the client’s request – if it involves netting or rope – we’ll do whatever we can to provide what they need.

Indeed, gardening programmes are not the only time our nets have been seen on television…

We were also asked to produce netting to help dress the sets of the incredibly popular television show, Game of Thrones. That was pretty cool.

But it’s not just the small screen…

Renco at the movies

One of the stranger netting requests we’ve received over the years was to provide netting for the main pirate ship featured in the 2015 film Pan, with celebrity A-lister, Hugh Jackman.

Now that’s a rare piece of Renco trivia for you!

Another moment of glamour for our humble nets was when they were used as ceiling decoration for an event at London Fashion Week.

Strange as it may seem, we were asked to provide a number of nets that would be bunched-up and draped from the rafters as part of an installation for the prestigious fashion industry event.

Always looking to help our clients however we can, we got right on the case.

But of course, it’s not all about film and fashion. There are lots of other little known ways our netting and rope is used that might not spring to mind.

Did you know we produce horse feeders too? We provide ropes for climbing in the school gym. And for cricket boundaries. We also provide nets for archery practice and covering skips.

Whatever your need, the fact is:

If it requires netting or rope, here at Renco Nets, we can almost certainly help you out.

Whatever your need might be – and no matter how strange it might seem – feel free to get in touch with us on 01469 575 804 to discuss how we can help.

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