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Industrial Netting Applications: Renco Nets’ Versatile Offerings

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Industrial Netting Applications: Renco Nets’ Versatile Offerings

Industrial netting is a crucial component in a wide array of applications, spanning from construction and marine use to play centres and leisure activities. Renco Nets, as a leading provider of industrial netting solutions, offers an extensive selection tailored to various applications. In this blog, we explore Renco Nets’ versatile offerings and their practical applications.

10mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Splitfilm Rope:

Crafted from three strands of polypropylene, this 10mm rope is available in blue or black. It’s sold on a 220m coil and boasts exceptional weather resistance. Its adaptability makes it a top choice across sectors such as building, marine, scaffolding, transport, agriculture, industrial, and domestic use. Whether used as a lashing or guide rope, its resilience and flexibility shine through.

16mm Multifilament Soft Rope – Multicolour & Black:

Made from Multifilament Soft Polypropylene, this 16mm rope features a delightful medley of colors, giving it a vibrant appearance. Available by the meter or as a 220m coil, its texture closely mimics sisal rope. Key applications include play centres for constructing bridges, spider webs, cargo nets, and scramble nets.

6mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Splitfilm Rope:

Available in blue or black and sold on a 220m coil, this 6mm rope is fashioned from three strands of polypropylene. Known for its high flexibility and ease of handling, it also floats and is resistant to rot and shrinkage. Common applications encompass building, marine, scaffolding, transport, agriculture, industrial, and domestic uses.

Flame Retardant Braided Polyethylene Netting:

Enhanced safety is the hallmark of this netting. Coated with a flame retardant solution during manufacture, it complies with all safety standards. Its flame resistance makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor play areas, offering peace of mind to establishment owners.

Heavy Duty Braided Polyethylene Netting – 50mm Square Mesh 6mm:

A testament to durability and strength, this 50mm Square Mesh 6.0mm Braided Polyethylene Netting is designed to withstand significant wear and tear. It’s ideal for play areas, leisure activities, fencing/borders, and industrial purposes. Known for its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, it serves as an effective deterrent.

In conclusion, Renco Nets stands at the forefront of industrial netting solutions, providing versatile and reliable products for a broad range of applications. Whether you’re in the construction industry or managing a play centre, Renco Nets has the perfect netting solution tailored to your specific needs.

To explore our wide range of industrial netting solutions and find the perfect fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us today at +44 (0) 1469 575 804 and let us assist you in finding the ideal netting solution for your application.

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