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What to Consider when Buying Football Nets

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What to Consider when Buying Football Nets

So, it’s down to you to select the best quality netting for your football team. You appreciate the importance of choosing netting that can withstand firmly struck shots and exposure to the elements. However, there are a wide choice of football nets available and you’re unsure which is best suited to your club. Not to worry, as you’ll be able to buy with confidence after reading this handy guide.

There are three main types of football nets to choose from:

Standard – These nets are designed to be hung from an S-bracket or stanchion. Support pegs may be all that’s needed for attachment to your permanently-fixed goals.

Straight-backed – These nets don’t have to be supported by a D-bracket or top runback. Clips are used to fix the net to the goal frame, with anchors being inserted into the ground.

Box nets – You’ll probably be used to seeing these sturdy nets bulging after shots from your premier league favourites. They are connected directly with the main frame and hung from two supporting poles which stand behind the goal.

Netting Grade

The netting grade is specific to the thickness and is commonly measured in mm. The thinnest nets measure 1.6mm and are best suited to use in children’s football matches. Premier League teams use netting that is at least 5mm thick.

Our standard braided polyethylene netting has a thickness of 2.5mm. However, we do offer a bespoke net-making service, with the thickness being adjusted to suit your footballing needs. Your strikers will be able to unleash high-velocity shots with no need for concern over the damage of the polyethylene netting.

Twine Variety

The twine type is specific to the material and connection of the strands. The majority of European football teams use nets made from braided polypropylene – just like that supplied by Renco Nets. It’s purpose-made to withstand heavy sporting contact and bad weather.

Apart from its footballing use, our braided polyethylene mesh is suitable for perimeter guarding and childrens’ play area support. Whether you need netting for soft play, sports, or leisure, Renco Nets are the best choice.

Customisation Options

It’s quite common for professional football teams to use netting which matches the team colours. Such coloured netting is sure to make an impression and add to the atmosphere on match day.

Our polyethylene netting is supplied in either black or green as standard, due to the popularity of these colours. However, we can alter the colouring of your netting as part of our bespoke service.

Contact Renco Nets

It’s hoped that this blog has clarified the best choice of football netting. However, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and give further guidance where needed. Go ahead and email netting@renco.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 1469 575 804.

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