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5 Decorative Ways to Use Rope in the Home

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5 Decorative Ways to Use Rope in the Home

You may be aware that our high-quality ropes are suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications. However, we also supply these versatile products to the public, with each rope being cut to the requested length.

Showing the domestic possibilities of our different ropes, here are five ways you can use rope decoratively for home and craft-based projects.

Wrapping Home Décor

The coastal home design theme has been a fond favourite of interior designers for a long time; with many opting to feature rope in their transformed nautical-inspired room.

For an authentic look, try decorating the following items with our attractive 16mm Polypropylene Rope:

  • Plant pots
  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Bowls
  • Storage boxes and baskets.

A huge benefit of styling your home in this way is that you can unite different styles of decorative accessories by using the same colour rope. Have fun and experiment by bringing a little part of the seaside into your home.

In Macrame Projects

Easily knotted and plaited, our relatively slender 16mm Polypropylene Rope can be used in your macramé projects. Macramé is the craft of knotting several strands of cord or fine rope together.

It is a versatile technique used by enthusiasts and artists to create:

  • Plant holders
  • Wall art
  • Coasters

Often these pieces will feature leaf or animal motifs knotted into the design for a cute nursery addition.

Add some colour and texture to even the most basic of macramé designs by using our coloured ropes. Whether you decide to mix and match or keep to a single colour of rope, macramé items are sure to add character to your home.

As Sleek Accents

Have you ever wondered how to take your room scheme to the next level? The answer could be the finishing touches … aka how you style your home accessories.

Go beyond the ordinary and get creative with our black shade of 6mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Rope. Apart from its modern aesthetic, this finer gauge rope has the potential to add a chic Art Deco or masculine edge to your existing décor.

Weave the black (or blue) 6mm rope in your wall hangings for a rustic effect. Or replicate the wrapped and macramé ideas seen above.

For Kid-friendly Spaces

Channel your creative side with our Multicoloured 16mm Multifilament Polypropylene Rope. Vibrant in appearance, it combines bright yellow, blue and red strands, which will appeal to the younger members of your household.

This particular rope has a soft feel and is often used in children’s play centres. It can be used – with the help of a qualified tradesperson – to construct small climbing structures. Alternatively, you can use rope to create a pirate-themed room when wrapping decorative items or trying macramé. Its primary-coloured pattern can brighten up any playroom or child’s bedroom.

As Seasonal Décor

Our 16mm Polypropylene Rope is available in a wide variety of colours, making it super-easy to create seasonal décor. Why not use this thermoplastic rope when making seasonal home decorations for the inside and outside of your home?

Festive-themed projects include:

  • Wrapping this medium gauge rope around a metal wreath frame
  • Tying red and white/green swags – this UV-resistant rope lasts outdoors
  • Covering cardboard cones with green rope for additional tree-shaped decorations
  • Securing outdoor lighting displays.

Style your home for Christmas or Easter with your choice of coloured 16mm rope.

Who Said Ropes Have to be Purely Functional?

Rope is a versatile material that can spruce up your interiors and provide hours of crafting fun. Call 01469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk to place your order (whatever the length) with Renco Nets.

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