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6 Types of Knots That You Should Know

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Square Knot

6 Types of Knots That You Should Know

From the application of first aid to the grounding of tents, knots can come in handy in various circumstances. While some of these knots are taught at school and youth groups, others are little-known. Keep on reading as we highlight 6 basic knots that you’ll be glad to have up your sleeve.

Square Knot

It makes good sense to begin by learning how to tie the square knot (otherwise known as the reef knot). Indeed, it is this end knot that children typically learn when tying their shoelaces. It is also useful when it comes to the collection of small bundles and packages. Another common use is in the attachment of bandages to reduce any bleeding.

Clove Hitch

Generally recommended as one of the first three knots that you should learn, the clove hitch is also very easy to tie and untie. It is commonly used to start and finish lashings, for attachment to a rod, pole, or other rope. You can also use it for the secure attachment of your tent to ground pegs.


If you’re planning on putting your self-sufficiency skills to the test then you should learn how to tie the bowline. This secure rescue knot is suitable for use in a range of emergency situations. Forming an open loop, the bowline can be thrown out to somebody struggling in open water. And sailors often use it for the attachment of jib sheets to the jib’s clew.

Figure Eight

The figure eight is used in the tying of various knots. However, it can also be tied exclusively for a range of outdoor purposes, such as rock climbing. This knot is also recommended as a sailboat stopper and emergency safeguard given that it will jam when under strain.

Two Half Hitches

The two half hitches is considered an all-purpose knot and can be easily tightened or loosened as necessary. However, it’s commonly used for the attachment of rope to upright posts, as in the hanging of a hammock or clothesline. You can also use it for the tying of two separate ropes.

Fisherman’s Knot

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the fisherman’s knot (also known as the lover’s knot) is used exclusively by the angling community. In actual fact it is suitable for a wide variety of purposes, including the attachment of separate lines. However, you should be aware that the fisherman’s knot isn’t as strong as some of the other varieties.

Choose Renco Nets

If you take the time to learn the types of knots recommended in this blog then you’ll be well prepared for a variety of outdoor events. However, it’s really important that you select high quality rope for safety and security.

Thankfully you can have confidence in the Polypropylene, Poly Hemp, Yarn Construction and Nylon roping varieties sold by Renco Nets. If you’re unsure which rope is best suited to your individual purposes then give us a call on 01469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk.

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