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The Sporting Uses of Ropes

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The Sporting Uses of Ropes

Whether you’re keen to burn off calories or increase your physical strength, rope can be used for various sporting purposes. You might even be tempted to try your hand at some of the rope-based activities covered in this blog.


Boxing fans will know that their favourite muscle-bound stars use skipping ropes to increase speed of foot and burn off the calories. It’s little wonder as this high-intensity activity has a “burn rate” of between 700 and 1,200 calories per hour (more than can be achieved when running or cycling). After mastering the easy jump, you can move on to more advanced and lung-busting techniques, such as the criss-cross, double under, and inverse toad.

Tug of War

If you watched Squid Game then you’ll know that the tug of war isn’t just for kids. Requiring a mix of balance and overall strength, this age-old activity attracts competitors from across the world. The firmest rope is required for fierce contests between teams of eight.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is another intense activity which demands a combination of physical and mental strength. While there are plenty of challenging climbs in the UK, extreme adventurers have been tempted to pit their bodies and minds against such mountains as Kilimanjaro and Everest. High-strength rope could make the difference between life and death for such adrenaline junkies.

Rope Climbing

You might remember the nightmare experience of rope climbing during school PE lessons or as part of the gruelling Gladiators eliminator. Featuring the Olympics until 1932, the international rope climbing competitions continue to this day, with points being awarded for speed and style.

Battle Ropes

Hooked up to the gym walls, battle ropes present the opportunity for a vigorous whole-body workout. As with jump ropes, there are a variety of techniques to try as you exercise your arms core and legs with the sturdy ropes. Just be sure to ask for expert guidance, so that you don’t cause yourself an injury during battle rope exercises.

Tight-rope Walking

Anybody who watched Man on Wire will know that tight-rope walking isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes many years of intense mind and body training to work up to the greatest heights. If you are tempted to have a go then visit your local gym and make sure that supportive netting has been positioned directly underneath the rope – giving you the assurance of a safe landing.

Choose Renco Nets

From Polypropylene to yarn construction rope, Renco nets have you covered for the types of activities mentioned in this blog. If you’re unsure of the best choice or would like to have rope made specific to your needs then give us a call on 01469 575 804 or email


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