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After A Wet Winter, It’s A Good Time To Give Your Netting Some Care And Attention

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After A Wet Winter, It’s A Good Time To Give Your Netting Some Care And Attention

It’s been a wet one, right?

In fact, it’s rained so much over the past few weeks and months, we sadly saw some serious flooding at the end of last year, particularly in the midlands and here in parts of Lincolnshire.

Thankfully, though we’ve still a few weeks of colder weather to go, it won’t be long until things start drying and brightening up again.

Trouble is…

The change in conditions can be a real shock to your netting and rope.

Going from these extremely damp conditions to drier weather is a challenge…

Not to mention the fact it’s possible your netting or rope might have suffered potential damage from rot during the wetter months.

It’s why we’d recommend taking the time now to check on any netting or rope you might have to make sure it’s still fit for purpose.

Repair Or Restock

It might be the case your netting and rope has simply given up the ghost.

If that’s the case, you might want to discard it and restock with fresh materials.

But before you do get rid of your current netting or rope, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of what you’ve got.

That way, if you’re after direct replacements, you can just let us know what you did have, and we can supply you with new versions accordingly.

That said, if you’d prefer to reassess your needs and find out what other netting and rope options there are – that’s fine. Just give us a call on 01469 575804 and we can discuss it with you.

Hopefully though, the winter hasn’t been too hard on your netting and you’re able to use what you’ve got for another year.

It might be certain sections of your netting need repairing, in which case we could well provide you with smaller sections to help with that.

Alternatively, it might be that your netting just needs a clean to get it back to good health.

A Good Clean

When it comes to cleaning most nets, a simple soapy water mix will usually do the trick.

Soak them for a while and rub down as much as you’re able.

The larger the net, the more difficult it will be to manipulate.

You might find it easier to hose it down and scrub it with a clean sweeping brush.

And when it comes to harder wearing nets that are particularly dirty, adding a little bleach to the soapy water mix will help loosen the tougher dirt and provide a deeper clean.

However, if you do use even a small amount of bleach, make sure you thoroughly rinse the net afterwards with cold water until you’re confident all the bleach has been removed.

And remember…

The most important thing you can do when it comes to looking after any net is to make sure you dry it thoroughly after any long periods of contact with water.

Extend the net to its full size and let the sun and wind do their thing.

Of course, if cleaning your nets sounds like a little too much hard work, you can take advantage of our very competitive prices and just as easily get some new ones.

To discuss any netting need you might have, just give us a call on 01469 575804 or get in touch via the contact form here.

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