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4 Reasons Why Keen Gardeners Should Use Netting this Autumn-Winter

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4 Reasons Why Keen Gardeners Should Use Netting this Autumn-Winter

Gardening has boomed in popularity since the first UK Lockdown back in March 2020. However, many people have since become frustrated with issues such as hole-ridden flowers or decimated vegetable patches. Often, they are unaware that netting can improve their garden. Read on to discover four reasons to use our netting for the protection of your garden this autumn-winter.

Nets for plant support

Autumn-winter temperatures do not encourage young plants to grow. Harsh winds weaken their chances of survival. This strips your autumn-winter garden of its potential colour and texture. It leads to frustration, as the summer’s hard work is undone.

However, there is an effective solution. Our lightweight and flexible garden netting products can act as a trellis. Our 50mm Square Mesh 12/6 Twisted Polyethylene Netting becomes a support for delicate plants and shoots. As with all the netting products suggested here, it is UV stabilised, so will stand tough against the elements all year round. Lightweight and flexible, it is unlikely to damage the wall or fence you secure it to.

Nets to deter birds

From tilling the soil and sowing the seeds through to tending to your plants, gardening requires the investment precious time, money and energy. One crisp autumn or winter day everything looks fine. The next, you discover that migrating or hungry winter birds have played havoc. They tend to “eat flower buds, strip ornamental berries, and attack brassicas”.

One handy solution is to build a fruit cage. These frames are covered in netting to prevent different species swooping down and tucking in. For this purpose, we would recommend something thicker such as our Twisted Polyethylene Netting – 28mm Square Mesh 10/12. The small squares prevent birds from treating your garden like a food store.

Nets for a better yield

As mentioned, vegetable growing has become increasingly popular. There’s no doubting that fresh food tastes better too. That being said, self-sufficiency is never as easy as it sounds when it comes to keeping the dreaded pests away. Mice are particularly keen to stock up on food as we enter the winter months.

This is where our anti-vermin 19mm Square Mesh 12/6 Twisted Polyethylene Netting comes into play. Covering your favourite winter vegetables with this mesh protects your Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. Just be sure to attach it firmly to the ground, so no curious critters can become trapped inside. With our nets in place, your Christmas dinner will never have tasted so good.

Nets for the protection of ponds

Whilst enjoyed less frequently by humans during colder months, birds or cats can still be tempted by fish. There is also the need to prevent autumn leaves from landing in the water. This can lead to stagnancy and a reduction in the water quality. Rotting leaves can also introduce algae to these delicate ecosystems.

Our Polypropylene knotless netting is an ideal solution for gardeners with a pond. Highly water-resistant, this material is durable and available in six colours.

We have shown how our netting products can protect your vegetables, plants and fish this autumn-winter. If you’re in need of non-standard lengths then please get in touch to discuss your bespoke netting requirements.

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