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Renco Nets: The Perfect Place To Buy Industrial Netting

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Renco Nets: The Perfect Place To Buy Industrial Netting

When it comes to where to buy industrial netting from, you needn’t look any further than Renco Nets.

We supply a huge range of netting that can help provide a variety of different on-site solutions.

It might be you’re looking to section off part of a warehouse while still maintaining an open space people can easily see between. Here a 2.5mm polyethylene net with a wide mesh could be ideal.

Alternatively, you might be looking to catch falling debris from conveyor belts or building work you’re currently carrying out. In that case our 6mm heavy-duty polyethylene netting could be perfect for the job.

Or you might just be looking for something to cordon off the edges of a children’s play area. You’ll need something difficult to climb should an adventurous kid attempt to scale it. Good news is: our anti-climb netting is designed to prevent exactly that.

There really are so many potential uses.

In fact, the South East Ambulance Service even use our 20mm soft polypropylene netting as pockets to keep their equipment in place inside their vehicles.

Whatever your need, if it calls for a particular type of net – you can buy your industrial-use netting from us.

The right net for the job
If you’re not sure which type of industrial netting you need, you can always give us a call direct on 01469 575804 and we can figure out the right one for you.

But to give you an idea, here are three of our most popular nets often used in Industrial situations:

2.5mm POLYETHYLENE NETTING: Available in black and green, this particular netting is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. As a safety net, it’s good for sectioning children’s play areas, or can be used as a cover for skips to keep bulkier items in place.

6mm HEAVY-DUTY POLYETHYLENE NETTING: If you’re looking for something heavy duty then you might want to check this out. It can be used for play areas, but it is also excellent for industrial purposes. It’s hard wearing and lasts a long time with very little upkeep.

8mm ANTI-CLIMB FLAME RETARDANT NETTING: This special netting has a hexagon honeycomb shape and is made of polyester that has been pre-treated to retard flames. It can be used as a safety barrier for a play area, or in industrial situation. Its tight weave also helps reduce wind and rain penetration when used in outdoor workspaces.

If you’re not sure any of these are right for your specific needs, to see all of the netting we have available, click this link.

Or, as we say, to discuss a particular job you have in mind, you can call us direct on 01469 575804 and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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