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Hit For Six: How Netting Is Used In Sport

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Hit For Six: How Netting Is Used In Sport

When it comes to the use of nets in sport, you’d be surprised at how many different ways they can be used beyond the typical image of a criss-cross white net strung up between goal posts.

Here are six other sports we provide netting for:


After football, this is probably the most obvious candidate. Most often nets are used in cricket for practice areas, so players can swing for six without some poor fielder having to run to the boundary to collect the ball. But for a cricket club with boundaries close to the car park or residential housing, a well-positioned safety net could be an insurance lifesaver.


Another case here of being best used when practicing your swing before another disastrous 18 holes. We provide a lot of clients with golf netting that fences off driving ranges or prevents too many lost balls when a five iron chips the ball too far away from the green. Thanks to the way we work, we’re able to provide nets that can cordon off pretty big areas too.


It’s obvious when you think about it, but not one that comes straight to mind. Still, it wouldn’t be much of a game of tennis if you didn’t have a net between the players. If you’ve rolled away the tennis nets and left them to wear away in sheds over winter once too often, it might be time to get in touch with us to organise a fresh set.


Not every archer has the accuracy of Robin Hood and some arrows can stray from the target. That’s where archery nets come in, preventing projectiles that aren’t fired with pinpoint precision from hitting any fellow competitors, or anyone else who might be around the range for that matter. Best to always be safe where archery is concerned. So, get in touch if you need the netting!


This is one that very people realise we’re able to provide…but we produce quite a few. And we even stock the buoys you need to keep the nets afloat.

The bottom line is: whatever you’re netting need might be when it comes to sports, here at Renco Nets, we’ve got you covered. Reach out at anytime from 8am to 4pm on 01469 575 804 and we can talk about which nets would best suit your sporting need.

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