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The Best Uses of Garden Netting

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Strawberries under netting

The Best Uses of Garden Netting

Homeowners across the UK will be looking forward to the flourishing of their gardens after the harsh winter months. It won’t be long before we’re able to put our green fingers to use in the sowing of seeds and nurturing of garden plants. Now is the ideal time to set yourself up for an enjoyable season and make use of garden netting for the types of protective purposes highlighted in this blog.

Protection Against Hungry Birds

Our thickly twined polyethylene netting can be placed over the top of fruit and vegetable-bearing plants so that they aren’t snaffled up by hungry birds. You can also attach the netting to fences for the protection of prized fruits and vegetables against hungry animals. Just make sure that protective netting is able to support the bird’s weight and that there is some separation between the fruits and meshing so that the feathered friends aren’t able to get their beaks around your produce.

Pond Covering

Polyethylene netting can be draped over your garden pond for protection against herons, cats, and any other predators that might fancy a fish supper. The netted covering will also prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating at the pond’s surface. We can provide nets in colours that will blend nicely with the natural surroundings.

Protection Against Vermin

Netting can be used to prevent your fruit and vegetable plants from being damaged and devoured by invasive vermin. We are able to supply fine meshing for protection against the smallest of insects. Such meshing will act as a protective barrier in the event of heavy rain or hail. It will also allow for the sufficient supply of sunlight air and water so that your garden plants are able to flourish.

Enclosure of Livestock & Animals

We can supply tough and durable netting for the enclosure of animals of all shapes and sizes. This netting will prevent any outdoor pets and livestock from escaping their enclosed spaces and running rampage through your garden. It will also provide a trustworthy layer of protection against predatory species. Choose the 50mm polyethylene netting for attachment to plant stems and the creation of protective fencing.

Shaded covering of garden plants

Some form of shaded protection will be essential no matter the size of your garden. You can use netting to ensure that the right amount of sunlight reaches your plants while minimizing the risk of ultraviolet damage. Our flexible and UV stabilised netting will retain its shape all year round, no matter how much sunlight streams into your garden.

Protection Against Heavy Winds

Windbreak netting can also provide some much-needed shade, keeping your garden plants protected against the harmful ultraviolet impacts. And it will keep the heavy winds at bay, giving your sensitive plants and flowers the best chance of survival. Windbreak netting can be placed around your tall garden plants, ensuring that they aren’t blown over and damaged in the event of heavy gusts. We can also supply garden fleecing, which will give your plants essential insulation during the coldest of months.

Contact Renco Nets

Renco Nets offer a selection of high-quality netting solutions, ideal for the types of protection highlighted in this blog. You can take your pick from a range of mesh sizes for protection against different types of garden vermin. We also have the ability to craft effective netting to suit your agricultural needs.

Give us a call on 01469 575 804 or email to discuss your garden netting requirements.

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