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The history of netting and its place in the modern world

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The history of netting and its place in the modern world

Fishing. Mention nets and traditionally that’s what you think of. It’s hardly surprising. Here at Renco Nets, we started out by providing rope and netting to the local fishing industry here on the east coast of Lincolnshire.

But the netting industry has evolved massively since then and now our nets are used in a vast variety of different ways.

Believe it or not, it’s thought the first known net was used as early as 8,300BC. That’s a very long time ago. Apparently it was used in Finland and was woven from branches of willow.

Throughout antiquity you can find depictions of nets being used for fishing, for gathering crops and, in some ancient artworks, even being used for sports.

In fact, nets became used in sports more and more often and in a lot of different sports too. Now you’ll find them being used widely in football, cricket and tennis.

Here at Renco Nets we’re able to craft netting for any sport our clients might need nets for. Big nets. Small nets. We can make everything to measure, so do get in touch if you think it’s time your sports netting was freshened up.

From fishing to sports, through history the uses of rope and netting have grown and grown. We produce items for all sorts of industries today – from fashion to television.

But these days, soft play is one of our biggest markets by far.

In case you’ve not come across the term before, ‘soft play’ refers to those children’s areas you might have seen in family pubs.

Initially intended as a distraction for children while parents would enjoy a meal, the soft play areas themselves have become big business, with whole warehouse spaces dedicated to ropewalks, obstacle courses and ball pits.

And wherever you see a net – be it one the kids are scrambling over or a finer meshed one to stop the plastic balls spilling everywhere – chances are we’ve had a hand in crafting it.

We provide nets for children’s soft play up and down the country and even internationally.

So, whether your looking for nets for a more traditional function, or something more modern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Renco Nets and we’ll get on the job.

You can call us on 01469 575 804. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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