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8 Ways to Use Rope In Your Garden

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8 Ways to Use Rope In Your Garden

It’s essential for any modern day family to have a garden that’s a beautiful haven of nature. This is a place to unwind, the look of which can be enhanced with our different ropes. Available in different colours, materials and diameters, you can use rope in the ways recommended in this blog.

Revamp Your Plant Pots

Does your garden look messy with its assortment of differently coloured plant pots? Don’t throw them away! Instead, transform mismatched planters by covering them with our 16mm Polypropylene weather-resistant and UV-resistant rope. There are several shades to choose from, so you can embrace your inner creative or match them to the planted flowers.

Divide Your Garden into ‘Zones’

Zoning is a popular design approach, where the areas of your garden are separated based on their functions. The use of dividing single-colour or colour-coded ropes is a simple yet effective move. You can distinguish the dining, seating, vegetable patch and water feature areas with ease.

Railings and Path Markers

The installation of rope railings will add interest to your outdoor space. You can attach them to wooden posts for the creation of inviting walkways worthy of the grandest gardens. Various effects can be created, depending on the tallness of the posts. Alternatively, you can fix our rope to decking for an attractive one-of-a-kind feature.

Tree Swing

Established trees or wooden frames make the ideal structure for the attachment of a swing made from our 16mm Multifilament Soft Rope. Your kids, or grandkids, will look forward to spending time outside – knowing you have these cool garden features ready and waiting. Just be sure to hire professional installers for peace of mind.

Encourage Climbing Flowers

Rope can be fitted to encourage the growth of roses, wisteria and other climbers across garden structures and buildings. Such durable and colourful ropes are sure to enhance the look of any home.

Install Safety Barriers

A garden can be a dangerous place for small children and pets. However, rope can be woven or used in multistrands, stretched across posts, to keep little ones away from ponds – as well as thistles and sharp succulents. Our floating (rot-resistant) 6mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Spiltfilm Rope is available in blue, so you don’t have the worry of obscuring any beautiful water features.


To Enhance a Garden Theme

Coastal gardens are popular across the country and rope is a material synonymous with the sea. You can wrap the rope around decking posts and handrails, drape it across benches, and hang it like bunting. A little goes a long way in the achievement of a seaside scene.

DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Ideal for craft and gardening enthusiasts, you can find easy-to-follow online tutorials that show you how to create hanging plant holders from rope. Arrange them at different heights for a stunning effect against fences and walls. Our thicker 10mm Polypropylene 3 Strand Spiltfilm Rope is ideal for this purpose.

We hope that the ideas mentioned in this blog have given you some garden inspiration. As always, we’re happy to advise you on the different materials, uses and diameters of our ropes. Contact us on 01469 575 804 or email netting@renco.co.uk for free and friendly advice.

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